How A Senior Dating Site Helped A Woman Battle Depression

“Breakups are horrible, especially when they happen after several decades of marriage”.

Online dating has changed the dating game and romance as a whole in many ways, and it definitely made things easier for the average, modern-day human being. It now seems that it also made getting over heartbreak and romance-induced depression easier and quicker.

After being married for 37 years, Lydia was bluntly shocked when her now-ex husband asked for a divorce. According to her, she felt as her whole life was shattered.

“Breakups are horrible, especially when they happen after several decades of marriage which brought two children into the world,” she says, “I honestly felt like I was going to die.”
Site Helped A Woman Battle Depression

“I Couldn’t Stop Crying”

Lydia was depressed for months, she rarely left the house, and she thought that she will never love again.

“I thought that there was no possible way that I would get through this, or that a solution that would make me feel better existed. My ex husband was the love of my life, as I thought then, and I could not get over the feeling of immense disappointment and sorrow. He let me and our whole family down and I couldn’t stop crying.” Lydia also said that her depression made her “hit rock bottom”.

Luckily for Lydia, the solution to her heartbreak was easy and right in front of her face, and she almost missed it.

“I was watching TV in my pitch-black home one night, and as I was dosing off to sleep, I heard a conversation on a talk show about online dating sites for seniors. A man, who went through a similar situation as me, was talking about how one site changed his life and his whole outlook towards love.”

Lydia then thought that he was probably exaggerating and that it was all a scam. However, for some reason, she decided to give it a go as she was running out of ideas.

“I had nothing to lose, and I couldn’t feel any worse, so I figured I might as well give this site a chance.”

Senior Next Canada Changed Everything

After spending just two hours on this online dating service, Lydia claims that she felt immensely better about her situation and herself in general, and that she experienced the first dose of optimism in months.

“As I looked around Senior Next Canada, I saw that I wasn’t the only one going through heartbreak. I noticed that my break-up wasn’t the worst, either. There were people on the site who lost their loved ones due to illnesses after 40 years of marriage, and I thought – if they can get back out there after that, I don’t have the right to complain.”

Lydia and many other seniors have found love, the second time around, on Senior Next Canada. She was just tired of being alone and she decided to do something about it.

“I will never regret it”, says Lydia.