What Does The Perfect Canadian Woman Look Like?

The idea of beauty is ever-changing and it is definitely not the same in all areas of the world. While some parts of our beautifully complicated planet prefer people with darker features, other parts think that individuals with lighter features are good-looking, and so on…

Although we can all finally agree that all kinds of physical features are equally beautiful (and that’s what makes the human race so wonderful and special), different regions of the world stick to their preferences on what constitutes the “perfect” human being.

Canada is no exception.

The ideology behind the perfect Canadian woman doesn’t fluctuate much on a year-to-year basis, but it always manages to change at least a little bit. This phenomenon is usually connected to world beauty trends, the most popular female celebrities of the year, and individual development of the people who give their vote on the matter.

Canada has a lot of beautiful ladies, that’s for sure, so establishing the perfect Canadian woman is never an easy task. As always, “the perfect woman” is a mixture of different features, celebrity body parts, and overall boyhood (and girlhood) fantasies.

So, let’s get busy!
Canadian Woman

The Eyes

The eyes are the mirror to the soul, or at least that’s what they say. Whether this is true or not, the eyes are indeed the first thing we notice on someone’s face (or on their body in general).

They’re the “silent communicators”. The first connection between two people starts off with eye contact, and a lot of people even claimed that they fell in love by simply gazing into a stranger’s eyes.

When it comes to the subject of the perfect-looking woman, Canadians know exactly what they like.

The perfect Canadian woman has to have slightly bigger, almond-shaped eyes with long, thick natural lashes. The most favored eye color is hazel, with a few hints of green. The runner-up is a pair of gray eyes with a few drops of blue.

And of course, as 2016 is the “year of the eyebrows,” these hairy eye framers are becoming ever so important. The perfect Canadian female should have natural (but groomed), thick brows.

The Mouth

A pouty lip was made for kissing, and apparently, it was made for being the most desired type of smackers in Canada! Big, kissable, soft and pouty lips are the best kind of lips there are, according to citizens of this maple-loving country.

How strange!

The Hair

It is often said that a woman’s hair is one of her most prized possessions. Hair can be used to show off one’s culture, style, and overall personality.

Whether it’s slick and long, styled in a rainbow-colored bun, meticulously braided, or completely shaven off, hair is one of the things that a woman spends most of her time on grooming. It’s one of the ways that a lady presents herself to the world.

The perfect woman, according to Canadians, should have medium-long or long hair. When it comes to texture and style, she should have wavy or slightly curly hair. The most coveted hair colors are dark brown and light-brown with blondish highlights.

The Body

The era of curves has come back, but not to the full extent. Well, at least not in Canada. The perfect woman according to Canadian standards should have a womanly shape; however, it should be maintained in an athletic body.

Medium-sized to big breasts, a flat stomach (preferably with abs), a big bubble butt, and long, sculpted legs are attributes which this fantasy-conjured lady should own.

If this confuses you, try to picture a slightly taller and leaner (in some areas) version of Beyonce. That should help.

The Skin Tone

Millennials are changing the world’s perception of beatify when it comes to skin tone. According to them, the most beautiful people are biracial. Canadian millennials are not much different, and therefore, the ideal-looking Canadian woman falls into that category.

Light-brown skin is the most coveted skin tone in Canada, and the ideal Canadian woman is usually of a mixed heritage.