Marriage Material: What Does The Perfect Canadian Man Look Like?

It’s pretty hard to define with utmost certainty what makes a perfect-looking human specimen. The whole ideology behind physical appearance, beauty standards and the attractiveness to someone is a rather complicated thing.

Not only is it ever-changing, it’s also subjective and objective at the same time.

We are all subconsciously bombarded with beauty trends and body ideals wherever we look. Even though we might not admit it, we fall prey to considering whether we think the “trendy body” of the season is hot or not, and how we (or our partner) would look with a body like that.
Canadian Man

The Lumberjack Look

When it comes to men, the trending looks are not as changeable as the case is with women. The idea behind the perfect male body has not changed so much for the past couple of decades. However, some things do change, and different things are found to be attractive on men in different regions of the world.

Canada has been sticking to a same “perfect male look” for a long time, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that the world also began noticing that the politest nation in the world was onto something.

Canadian men quickly became the epitome of male hotness all around the globe, and even though the lumberjack look has been declared as “over” by beauty gurus, it still reigns in the country where it came from.

A man can look great in many different ways, but if Canadians have any say in the matter, he must possess certain physical qualities in order to be seen as “perfect.”

If you’re looking to become the perfect Canadian man and to be high-quality marriage material in Canada, you should opt for sporting some of these looks.

The Head

According to Canadian women and men alike, the perfect husband material has to have a specific look in his eyes. You see, it’s not about the shape or color of his eyes as much as it’s about what those eyes hide and what they tell.

A mysterious glance, a piercing stare, a puppy-dog gaze filled with love… it doesn’t matter what type of look he has in his eyes as long as he has one. No one likes to stare into someone’s eyes and see absolutely nothing, especially not Canadians.

The description of a perfect Canadian man’s lips is pretty much the same as it is with all other men around the world. Kissable, proud, and slightly pouty – these are the qualities which almost guarantee a good kiss.

The nose is not very important to Canadians, and all types are acceptable.

However, the thing that cannot be overlooked is hair. We’re talking about the hair on top of your head, on your face, and body hair. The lumberjack look is not complete without a matching set of hair, strategically placed on a man’s body in other to keep him warm, and to (seemingly) attract people to him.

Canadians are all about the scruffy woodsman look. If you don’t sport a beard, mustache, or a small amount of body hair – you’re not going to be deemed as equally hot as the next guy who does.

The Body

A tall frame makes any body shape ok, according to Canadians. You don’t have to be tough and buff in order to be seen as attractive, however, you will have more success if you’re fairly tall.

However, as the spotlight has been shining on sculpted abs, arms, and a nice, round butt over the past couple of years, it’s safe to say that the perfect marriage material male body should be any body that’s well taken care of.