How To Keep Things Alive In A Long Distance Relationship

In the world where migration is as common as taking a vacation to another country, long distance relationships have become an everyday thing.

When you add online dating into the mix, which gives you the option of meeting people from all over Canada and beyond, it’s no surprise that long distance relationships are incredibly popular.

But the question is: Can they really work?

Let’s take a look at how you can make your long distance relationship work and come out of it a winner.
Long Distance Relationship

Tip #1: Make Sure You Have The Same Goal

Like any other relationship, a long distance relationship takes a lot of work. Success in a long distance relationship certainly doesn’t happen over night, and you need to invest plenty of time and effort to make it work.

The crucial aspect of being in a successful long distance relationship is to have the same goal as your partner. That goal should be the two of you being together. All you need to do is wait for a few things to fall into place.

Once you and your partner are on the same page, you can take steps together, and make sure your love is nurtured so that it can flourish regardless of the circumstances.

Tip #2: Make Sure You’re Good Friends Too

Having a common goal with someone is one thing, but achieving that goal is an entirely different story. Most long distance relationships that make it, or relationships of any sort for that matter, are based on unshakeable friendship.

Passion comes and goes, and love doesn’t really conquer all. It’s patience, understanding and a desire to be with someone forever that are crucial for making your love last.

That’s why you need to treat your partner as the most important person in the world, put him/her first, and be there for them no matter what, just like real friends do.

This way you’ll establish an unbreakable bond that no amount of kilometers that separate you can ever come between.

Tip #3: Make Plans Together

Making plans together gives you something to look forward to, which can help you a lot through the period of separation.

The plans you make need to be both long-term and short-term. You’ll realize your long-term plans when the time comes, but in the meantime you can focus on the short-term goals, even the little things, that you can do together.

In this day and age, staying in touch has reached unprecedented levels, and an example of a short-term plan can be a surprise for your partner.

Sending them a box of chocolates, flowers or anything that can be ordered online and delivered to their door will make you feel physically closer than you really are.

Make plans to take trips together, and actually do take those trips during your time together in the same city. This will make you feel like a ‘regular couple’, and get your mind off the date when you’ll go your separate ways again.

Talk as often as you can about your routine, and send e-mails if you’re in different times zones, set up Skype dates every day if you can, and otherwise treat your relationship as if you were both under the same roof.