French Vs. English: Where In Canada Is Online Dating At Its Best?

Despite what you may think, online dating isn’t reserved for extremely lonely and weird people. More and more folks are joining this world-wide trend by the day, especially in more developed and richer countries where people don’t really have the time or energy to regularly go on dates.

Consequently, one of the biggest hubs for dating services is, of course, Canada.

With its diverse population which is spread on a large area, this country has become one of the hottest spots for internet romance in the world.

When we say the population of Canada is diverse, we mostly refer to it being separated into the English and the French speaking parts.

With that in mind, we are today delving a little deeper into the things these two sides like and dislike, so you get a glimpse into where exactly online dating is at its peak in Canada.

Different People, Different Tastes

No matter where you live, finding love through online dating sites shouldn’t be too complicated.

However, there are countless dating websites that offer their services to Canadians (and beyond), so picking one out will probably be the toughest decision you’ll have to make.

For example, a research conducted in 2014 found that the online dating industry accumulated a grand total of $153 million in Canada alone during that year.

That’s how big online dating is here!

On the other hand, the city you’re in will greatly influence what type of people you run into on dating services, and exactly which attributes and qualities online dating users are looking for in others.

You can expect pretty much the same stuff from English speaking areas in Canada as you can from most of the USA. Open-mindedness, honesty, and genuine attraction are what usually drives English speaking Canadians.

And although the French speaking cities don’t deviate much from this, there are certain things that don’t match. Online daters form Quebec, for example, are usually drawn to physical attractiveness, while those in Ottawa value more abstract qualities like truthfulness and loyalty.

However, one recent survey has shown that online dating in English speaking areas tends to focus on one night stands and flings, which is the complete opposite of the French, true-love-seeking part.

How Far Will You Go?

If you have any experience with online dating, you probably know that these websites are mainly separated into two groups – the paid and the free dating sites. When it comes to choosing one over the other, Canadians are very ambiguous.

Call it stereotype or coincidence, but the fact is that people living in French cities largely favor charge-free dating sites over paid ones. It’s not clear whether this is due to people being cheap or unclear as to how online dating actually works, but one thing’s for sure:

Free dating sites dominate the scene in places like Montreal and Quebec.

English speaking areas, on the other hand, are packed with online dating users who aren’t hesitant to pay for the best possible service.

This influences the success rates, as well as the online dating user base being divided into regular and Premium members.

We’ll finish things off by repeating something we’ve said earlier – finding the love of your life via online dating sites isn’t really an issue in Canada. Nonetheless, your exact location will greatly impact which types of people you’ll run into while searching for romance online.