Are Canadians Too Picky For Online Romance?

The questions surrounding the world of online dating are numerous all over the globe and Canada is no different.

From Halifax to Victoria you’ll find people with different opinions regarding online dating as their success in it obviously varies.

In general, in can be said that Canadians widely enjoy online dating, and whether they are too picky for online romance is not a type of issue that can be generalized across the entire population.

On the other hand, you could probably make a case for Canadians being too picky to date online if you really wanted to, but today we focus on the positive and present the arguments that oppose the assumption that they are critical in any way.

Let’s see why:
Online Romance

Reason #1: Canadians are Super Open-Minded

Anyone who’s ever spent more than a couple of weeks anywhere in Canada knows that this bunch is one of the most open-minded in the entire world.

Being open-minded means a few things. First of all, their willingness to try new things and explore uncharted waters is tremendous all over the country, and most people will completely effortlessly keep on introducing new things into their lives.

The same goes for online dating. Their open-mindedness is further fueled by their desire to accept people the way they are and to refrain from judgment.

Being accepting and willing to try new things makes Canadians perfect for the online dating scene, rather than picky, which is evidenced by millions and millions of active members of online communities.

Reason #2: Canadians Are Not Judgmental

Being judgmental can definitely hinder the prospect of finding a soulmate simply because people who find fault with everyone never let anyone get close to them, and consequently end up alone.

But not Canadians.

Their loving and accepting nature makes them perfect to try and find love online where you never know whom you can come across, good or bad.

Canadians like to stay positive and maintain a positive outlook on life, which means they’ll give you a chance to show your true colors and impress them.

Judgement is something you’ll rarely see in Canada regardless of the issue, especially among the younger generation that frequents the online dating sites.

Reason #3: Canadians Aren’t Spoiled

Maybe the biggest argument against Canadians being too picky lies in the fact that Canadians aren’t spoiled at all.

They are very down to earth and fully aware of their strong suits, and some of the negative qualities that they can work on.

Generally, Canadians are well aware of their limitations, but also know they can reach the stars with a little more effort, which again makes them perfect for online dating. They won’t be rude to anyone who’s honest and polite, regardless of whether they seem like a compatible match.

If you want to date a Canadian make sure you’re nice and open about yourself and your intentions, and they’ll certainly return the favor.

Of course, not everyone is a good match, but being good-natured definitely goes a long way and we could all use a little more of their respect for one another.