3 Reasons Why Online Dating Made It Big In Nova Scotia

It’s safe to say that online dating has spread to all parts of the globe and Atlantic Canada is no different. Regardless of where people live, the convenience of online dating has lured millions of fans of this form of dating to the sites where finding a compatible match has never been easier.

Pew Research Center’s data collected in 2005 and 2013 in Nova Scotia reveal that that the confidence in online dating increased by 15% over the 8 year period, which speaks volumes about the popularity of online dating over traditional dating.

Online daters from Nova Scotia were kind enough to share their opinions on dating on the internet, and we present the top 3 reasons why online dating is so big in this Western province.

Reason #1: Safe Haven For The Introverted

Clearly not everyone is an introvert in Nova Scotia, but one of the main reasons why online dating has been so popular in this province is because it helps people who feel the pressure mounting on their social lives meet people on their own terms.

Being nice and friendly is one thing, but being able to walk up to people and ask them out with ease is another. Plus, even when you have the guts to do it you might have no idea who that person is.

With online dating there is the screening process that allows users to check out the profiles of other members and find the ones that match their personalities, making the first move and every subsequent action that much easier.

Reason #2: Online Dating Connects People

Another reason why online dating is popular in Nova Scotia is because a lot of the young professionals frequently relocate for work and don’t have the time or the means to go out and meet people because they’re new in town or there just for a few weeks.

Online dating lets them quickly find compatible matches in their area no matter where they are or how long they’ll be staying.

For people who move around often for work or any other reason, online dating can save them from boredom and loneliness pretty easily.

It also lets them connect with people they never would have met otherwise, which is pretty neat because one never knows where they’ll meet that special someone.

Reason #3: Online Dating Is Inevitable

For many millenials living in Nova Scotia meeting people online comes naturally because they’ve been doing it since high school. Remember ICQ?

Well, if you weren’t born sometime in the 1980s you probably don’t but if you were, you know that for the last 15 years young people have been bombarded with various messaging services and chat rooms where they’ve been forging relationships for almost two decades now.

Although online dating sites per se weren’t that popular up until 10 or so years ago, other forms of meeting people online have been around for so long that millenials living in Nova Scotia in 2016 almost find it unnatural to meet in any other way.

What about you?