3 Mistakes Women Often Make On Dating Sites

There’s no doubt that online dating is probably the best way to find a partner nowadays. With so many different types of dating platforms, it’s really rare for someone to join this dating game but to never ever come across someone they could have a relationship with.

However, being proficient and using online dating sites to your advantage isn’t always as easy as it sounds. People tend to take a wrong turn where they think the solution is obvious – here are 3 mistakes women often make on dating sites.

Although these things are not exactly exclusive to women, it’s a fact that in most cases the female part of the online dating community makes mistakes like these. But fear not – if you pay a little attention, you can easily avoid these errors.
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Making Things Too Serious Too Soon

We’ll kick things off with misunderstanding the purpose. It’s understandable that a lot of women on dating sites are there to look for someone who they can have a serious relationship with, if not even a marriage.

However, this isn’t going to happen overnight.

Getting to the point where marriage is even an option takes a lot of time and patience, yet still a good part of women on dating sites jump right to the point.

This is a bad decision for a number of reasons, but mainly: it will scare men off!

Sometimes even a mention of marriage after just a couple of flirts will send them running to the hills most of the time, so try to steer the conversation in the opposite direction, and make sure you get to know them first before you jump to the topic of marriage.

Making Your Profile Photo ‘Too Sexy’

Another big issue with female profiles on online dating sites are photos. This also applies to men, but since we’re talking about women, let’s just focus on their profile pictures.

There’s a common trend of women posting very sexy and attractive photos of themselves on their online dating profiles. While being comfortable with your sex appeal is completely fine, but showing a lot of skin will most definitely make potential partners have all the wrong assumptions!

There’s a difference between attracting men and posting extremely sexy photos. Your best chances at finding a partner are on the former side, so try to stay there.

Knowing Too Little About Your Target Audience

Finally, we have profile composition. This might sound very complicated, but it’s actually quite simple: write your profile for men, not for women.

“What’s the difference?” you may ask. First off, men on online dating sites are rarely looking for overly-emotional stuff and they stay away from the phrase “contact only if you want a serious relationship.”

In other words, you should try to keep things light and as simple as possible.

Describe yourself in a few sentences and make sure you don’t come off as shallow, but also don’t reveal everything there is to know about you.

You want them to become intrigued and interested, right?